The Best Weed Wacker – Reviews and Buying Guide

With so many choices for weed wacker products in the market today, it isn’t surprising that homeowners are having a hard time deciding what to purchase. For such a simple device, the right weed wacker can actually make your weekly yard maintenance easier and faster.

Top Choices in the Market for the Best Weed Wacker

Feedback and reviews from various shoppers have made it possible to pick out the most favored models in the market today. Following are some of the best selling weed trimmers today depending on their category.

Best Cordless Electric Weed Wacker

Black & Decker Lithium Ion Cordless High Performance String Trimmer
  • The product makes use of a 36-volt lithium ion battery that can be fully charged in as little as one hour.
  • It also offers an automatic feed spool so users can simply continue non-stop with their trimming.
  • An impressive feature of this model is that it can be converted from edger to trimmer and vice versa, providing good versatility during usage.
  • Even with a rechargeable battery, the product is pretty powerful and can trim thick weeds with no problem.
  • It’s also light and compact, capable of being carried around in an average-sized yard with no cord restrictions.
  • As for the price, the product costs $142.97 which falls within the affordable range.

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Runner-up for the Best Cordless Weed Wacker

Earthwise 18-Volt 12-Inch Cordless String Trimmerearthwisestringtrimmer
  • It comes with an 18 volt motor capable of cutting through weeds and hedges.
  • The handle is telescopic with a cutting hedge that can be adjusted to fit the needs of the user.
  • For the sake of safety, the manufacturer also added in a flip down edge guard.
  • This product would be a good buy for homeowners who already have Earthwise products because the 18volt NiCad charger and battery is compatible with others in the market.
  • This particular unit costs an affordable $59.37 online. The manufacturer covers this model with a comprehensive warranty.More Info…

Best Gas Powered Weed Wacker

Hitachi Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft Grass Trimmer (CARB Compliant)
  • The biggest advantage of this product is that it is CARB compliant, making it perfect for environmental reasons.
  • It comes with an anti-vibration system so you can use the system comfortably.
  • It comes with a commercial grade 21.1 cc engine which allows for long-term use without having to stop for additional gas.
  • This product can hold as much as 13 feet of copolymer cutting line with a trimmer head that operates semi-automatic.
  • One of the reasons why so many people buy this product is because it is made by a reputable brand.
  • The manufacturer also has it covered with a 7-year warranty.
  • Price at $189.00 which compensates for its outstanding features and functionalityMore Info…

Runner-up for Best Gas Powered Weed Wacker

Poulan 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Cut Twist and Edge Curved Shaft String Trimmerpoulanstringtrimmer
  • This product can be easily converted from a trimmer to an edger with just a simple adjustment.
  • It has a 17-inch cutting path with a long curved shaft that makes it possible to extend the reach of each cut.
  • Light and easy to use, homeowners shouldn’t have any problem learning how this unit works.
  • The unit carries a 25cc 2-cycle engine and is covered by a 2-year limited warranty.
  • The only drawback for this model is that it is Non-CARB compliant and not available for California buyers.
  • Priced at $99.00 for its amazing features and versatility.More Info…

Best Corded Weed Wacker

GreenWorks Corded String Trimmer
  • The product has an impressive selling point of being environmentally friendly.
  • It’s capable of replacing worn lines whenever necessary so that users wouldn’t have to bother with the task.
  • The handle can be rotated 180 degrees with an adjustable telescoping shaft to meet the height of the user.
  • This corded string trimmer also comes with a cord lock which ensures that the line wouldn’t be disconnected from the power source accidentally.
  • It boasts of a 4AMP motor which should be capable of trimming different types of weeds in the yard.
  • The product is offered at an attractive green color and very lightweight which should make it easier to use.
  • A comprehensive 4-year warranty covers the item.
  • Very affordable at $29.98

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If you’re currently in the market for this type of product, following are some tips on how to make your decision about what to purchase.

Decide on the Type
There are basically two types of weed wackers today: the electric and the gas powered. The electric is further divided into the corded and cordless categories. When choosing between the two, homeowners need to consider the extent of their yard work. Electric models are smaller with a lower power capacity. As a result, they are more ideal for trimming or edging work. Gas powered types are larger with more power – capable of chopping down bushes and larger plant material.

Extent of the Garden
Also take into consideration the size of the garden. Gas powered types are perfect for large gardens because they’re not anchored to a power cord. The corded type however would have limited movement due to the line. If you’re looking forward to normal grass cutting, look for a model with a displacement of 25 to 30 cubic centimeters. For brushes or more challenging yards with an uneven ground, you might require something with a more powerful engine. A displacement of 30 to 40 cubic centimeters is also ideal for more complicated yard work.

Decide on the Features
Adjustability of the model is the top feature you need to look for. This lets you change the weed wacker from an edger to a trimmer, depending on your need. Other features that may prove useful include height adjustability and safety options. Additional perks may include foams on the handles and other items designed for comfortable use. It’s also a good idea to look for a model with an automatic feed spool.

Decide on your budget for this purchase. Fortunately, the various choices for weed wackers give you price options anywhere from $30 to $150. Browsing online should provide you extensive options about what product to purchase.

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