How To Change The Head On a Craftsman

How To Change The Head On a Craftsman 25cc weedwacker

How To Change The Head On a Craftsman 25cc weedwacker: Craftsman is one of the renowned brands that produce weedwacker or weed eater or, weed trimmer, whatever you want to say. These machines are such quality products that can reduce your tension for weed. Trimming cutting or edging everything can be done very smoothly by them. These trimmers are frivolous and user friendly. Moreover, it has a 17-in cutting width that allows you to trim more grass in less time. Furthermore, this machine is built with Easy Start technology for simpler pull starts. Though the entire machine has varieties of parts included but the trimmer head is the most essential thing that requires maintenance and use by proper care.

How To Change The Head On a Craftsman 25cc weedwacker

All the trimmer heads encompass string with a spool and a pressing or holding knob on the bottom to extend strings. After a certain amount of time or being used heavily than recommended the trimmer head becomes less worthy to work efficiently. At that time, they need to be replaced.

Replacing a trimmer head is as simple as changing the trimmer line, so you do not have to worry. Yeah! You might not have any idea how to do it, which why we prepared this article for you. After reading the following steps given bellow, you will be able to change the head of a craftsman 25cc weedwacker. Replacing a trimmer head is similar to gasoline and electric trimmers that is why you can apply these methods if they match with your machine. According to different models they might vary, because the built structure will not be the same, and this article is based only on How to change the head on a craftsman 25cc weedwacker.

How to change the head on a craftsman 25cc weedwacker

So, enough of giving fundamental knowledge, let us go for the deal we are here to make, which is read the following steps and know How to change the head on a craftsman 25cc weedwacker. Be with us till the last, thanks in advance.

First step: (Reading the user manual)

The first and foremost important thing before we do any mechanism with our machine is to read the manual carefully. Before you start changing the head please go through the user guide that you have with the machine and it will make the work easier. For this reason, we recommend this thing as our very first step.

Second step: (Buy the recommended trimmer head)

While reading the user guide you will find the recommended parts for your model. When you are up for a chance, bring in the recommended trimmer head and if you cannot find any then go to the store and buy the best fit for your model.

Third step: (Positioning the trimmer and taking off the old head)

After you are done reading and buy a trimmer head you are ready to go for the change. The very next step you have to do is, disconnect the trimmer from power connection and cool it up before you start changing the head. Now turn over the trimmer and clean it up perfectly, you have to remove the dirt, grass clippings, and wreckage from the trimmer head and handle. Now, hold onto the bump knob on the bottom of the trimmer head. There will be a small hole on the bottom of your trimmer head, which is actually a part of a trimmer, not the head, but that is the key point we have to find. Detect the small hole, which can be placed inner or outer side. After you find the hole, insert a small solid nail or Phillips screwdriver into the hole and hold it tight into position. Sometimes depending on the different models, it can be two holes. While pressing the screwdriver into the hole turn the trimmer head anti-clockwise and pull of the head.

Fourth step: (Placing the new head)

When you are done taking off the head, bring in the new trimmer head that you just bought from the market and pace it into the same place from where you took the older one. After placing the head you have to turn the head clockwise to tighten it up. After a certain time, you will see that the trimmer head is almost got tight and you cannot wind it, but still, it has some work left. Place the screwdriver again into the hole and hold on with one hand tight, while doing it turn the head again and you will observe the last turn was about to be wind. Take of the screwdriver from the hole and your trimmer head is ready to trim again.

Fifth step: (Powering up the trimmer and see the job is done or not)

When you are done replacing the trimmer head, turn on the power and check out whether the head is spinning or not. If it is spinning, try to trim something and check the spool or the string is perfectly working or not. If all goes right then you have done the job perfectly. Sometimes while changing the head inner part might get into trouble, so be careful while you are changing, do not turn the head onto the reverse direction, it may cause the spool work ability and the placement place might not be able to hold the head.

So, this was the guideline to change the head on a craftsman 25cc weedwacker. These simple five steps are as easy as your work with the trimmer. Following these steps, you can easily change your trimmer head, without taking it to the mechanic or to the store. Hopefully, this guideline will help you to change things easily and you will have the fun of trimming again with your Craftsman trimmer. As we mentioned earlier, this article is only for changing the head on a craftsman 25cc weedwacker, therefore, the shown method might not work with other machines. I hope you enjoyed your work after reading and doing by yourself, trust us it will work. Just go through five simple steps and change the head on a craftsman 25cc weedwacker.