How To Change Trimmer Line Ryobi Expand It

How To Change Trimmer Line Ryobi Expand It

How To Change Trimmer Line Ryobi Expand It: Most of us use Trimmers for our lawn or yard, to maintain its beauty. If we talk about the string trimmers Ryobi is one of the familiar names that we can hear. They are comprehensible and very operative. Besides, Ryobi trimmers are very handy and user feedback is also very mesmerizing. At the lineup of Ryobi, we have Ryobi expand it trimmers that are very popular these days. For several years these trimmers have good performance and sharp cutting. Most of the important thing is, these machines are very smartly invented. They can be, attached with any Ryobi power head, because they are Straight Shaft String Trimmers.

Even the spool head is smartly built for reloading the string. You don’t need to open it up, for changing the trimmer line. However, we are on point, how can we change the trimmer line without opening the spool? Is it possible? For better edging and smooth performance we don’t have to change the whole trimmer, we just have to replace the trimmer line after a certain time. Now the question is, how we can do it? Can we do it by ourselves? A simple question and easy answer, yes! We can replace the trimmer line on our own. One question left, how?

To solve this problem, we prepared this article, How to change trimmer line Ryobi expand it. Before we start, we request the reader to stay till the last, we will not take that much time of yours.

How To Change Trimmer Line Ryobi Expand It

So, are you guys ready to change the trimmer line, because it will take a few winks and the machine will be ready as it was, therefore, from below the lines let us have look those easy steps which we have to follow to get the job done without striving.

First step: (Reading the user manual first)

It is very important to know that user manual is very important to read, because of the better and easier use. So, if you have decided to change the trimmer line by yourself, please try to read the manual first and know about the machine before you start the job. Know about the machine, spool and spool housing because the trimmer line is placed inside the spool.

Second step: (Find the recommended trimmer line or the perfect fit)

All the notches and knobs will act accordingly, whenever the trimmer line or string will be the exact one for the machine. Therefore, try to find the recommended trimmer line for your machine, and if there is not any then go to the nearest hardware store and grab the best in town.

Third step: (Taking out the spool and Cutting the trimmer line)

As we mentioned earlier, thee trimmers from Ryobi are very smartly invented. You don’t have to take out the spool and open it for changing the line. These trimmer spools have a smart eye inside the rill and they don’t require opening the whole thing. So grab the trimmer line and cut it down 8-12 feet around, it depends on the spool size or the trimmer. After you are done cutting the line, turn over the trimmer and take the spool out of the housing pressing the underneath knob. Next thing you have to, you will see the spool has a few indicators and two holes on both sides. These holes are the place from where the line usually comes out, on top of that holes you will see a notch and arrow mark. And that the place we have to place in the line.

Fourth step: (Changing the trimmer line)

Now how we will change the trimmer line, that’s the question. After taking out the spool remember the arrow marks you saw on top of the spool base? They will help you to place the trimmer line inside. Have to align the arrow mark to the notch line which you will see with the spool holes. To do it, you have to press the knob of the spool and turn. In most of the trimmers, you will find some words like “rewind” or another arrow mark will be shown the turning direction and you have to turn the knob and make the arrows align. If you can’t see it, just push down the knob and turn right like the clockwise. After you do it, the spool hole will be unlocked for feeding the trimmer string and all the arrow marks will be aligned accordingly in both sides of the hole. We have mentioned about an eye hole inside the spool rill, remember? After to align all the arrow marks and holes the inside hole of the spool will be ready for feeding the line into the spool. Place the string from one end and you will see it will come out from the other end. Make sure to equalize the line size both sides. It is necessary for winding properly.

Fifth step: (Wind and replace the spool into the housing)

90 percent of your major job is done. On the final step, we have to wind the whole lines into the rill, you don’t have to worry about that, because we already know these machines are smartly made so they have smart applications of winding as well. The only thing you have to do is, just turn the knob like the same way you did before. Hold the base of the spool with one hand and place the other hand onto the top of the spool knob. Turn the knob according to the direction it shows and you will see the line starts feeding inside the rill. After winding for a while, you will see the rill has become tight enough and that’s the ending of your task. Cut the extra bit of line according to your need and left 4-6 inches outside. Lastly, Place the spool into your trimmer housing and it is ready to go.

I hope you enjoyed your work after reading and doing by yourself, trust us it will work. Just go through five simple steps and the trimmer line of Ryobi expand it machine will be changed.

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