How to Edge a Lawn With a String Trimmer

How to edge a lawn with a string trimmerHow to Edge a Lawn With a String Trimmer: Weed trimmer is a world known, very useful and efficient tool to work with. There are different kinds of weed trimmer available in the market. An electric weed trimmer is one of them. This is very easy and cheap.

How to Edge a Lawn With a String Trimmer

In this article, I will discuss how to edge with an electric weed trimmer.

Step 1: Direct Debris Away From You

At the point when you start edging with an electric weed trimmer by simply turning it on its side you are lowering its assumed capability to shield you from stones, pebbles, or flying debris. This is on the grounds that the weed monitor is intended to be utilized in a flat, not vertical direction.

Along these lines, we have to ensure that debris is coordinated away from you. String Trimmers, for the most part, turn clockwise yet check yours first no doubt. When you are sure of the revolution, you can decide the best heading to hold your trimmer while edging.

It’s likewise a great plan to wear security glasses or goggles while doing this.

Step 2: Rotate The String Trimmer Into An Edging Position

Holding the string trimmer in its ordinary position, turn the pole until the watchman is up and you have an away from of sight to the string. You will see that as you turn it, the edge of the trimmer head changes. We will probably get the trimmer head near 90 degrees with the surface.

You will see that by essentially turning the head over we don’t get a genuine 90-degree point. With the end goal for this to work, we have to raise the back finish of the string trimmer.

Step 3: Shoulder-Mount The Trimmer Shaft To Edge

This is a bit of deluding in light of the fact that you for the most part are not really resting the trimmer shaft on your shoulder. What you are doing is grasping the pole and resting your arm in this upward situation close to your shoulder.

The shoulder mount procedure takes into consideration the trimmer to be at a 90-degree point when edging.

Be careful with gas-motor trimmers that you don’t put the motor excessively near your head to keep away from consumes. I’ve never had an issue with this to be straightforward since you aren’t really holding it directly close to your ear, it is a few inches away. All things considered, be aware of this.

You will see that this position will put the string at pretty much the 90-degree point that we are searching for. While the position may look off-kilter it is shockingly agreeable. The back finish of the trimmer is just laying on your hand.

Note: Hearing assurance is a smart thought whenever you are working with gas-motor yard instruments yet particularly when holding one this near your ear. Snap here to find out about the commotion dropping earphones that I use whenever I’m working with noisy yard motors.

Step 4: Edge With Your String Trimmer At A Slow But Steady Pace

Try not to get in a surge as you do this, particularly at the outset when you are learning. You need to move gradually yet intentionally along the edge line, cautious to remain on your expected way. You can totally batter your yard’s edge line in the event that you attempt to go excessively quickly. Keep in mind, unwavering mindsets always win in the end.

Walk gradually as you edge with a weed whacker to guarantee exact edges.

Why Use The Shoulder-Mount Approach?

It’s conceivable to just turn the pole and edge by holding the trimmer in much a similar style as you would when weed-eating. The issue is that this strategy can bring about progressively back strain.

I found that my back was continually hurting when attempting to edge thusly. By holding the trimmer close to my shoulder I can lay the pole on my arm and fundamentally diminish back strain.

Also, as I expressed prior, essentially turning the weed eater’s head won’t give you a genuine 90-degree plot for edging. You have to raise the back finish of the trimmer to get this edge.

Additional Tips To Run A Edging Perfectly

Flying Debris

Generally speaking, you are going to need to be extra aware of close by vehicles, windows, and individuals since edging with a string trimmer doesn’t give a similar degree of debris control as it does when utilizing it for cutting.

Continuously wear security glasses and be aware of flying debris when edging with a weed eater.

You need to recall that the plastic debris monitor is turned up while edging. While this may assist with keeping some debris from flying legitimately up, it sure doesn’t prevent it from shooting out aside.

Since we chose rock for our blossom bed (we considered pine straw yet you might need to peruse this article on the off chance that you are thinking about utilizing pine straw as mulch.

The fact of the matter is, little shakes and sticks can act like shots as they are discarded by the string. Be aware of this. Wear eye assurance and consistently know about the course that the debris is being tossed.

Straight Lines Take Patience And Practice

On the off chance that you wind up disappointed with the outcomes, you are getting, recall this is another method for you and that it will require some investment to get the hang of it. On the off chance that you stay with it, you will be shocked by how rapidly you can ace straight edging lines. It might never dominate the aftereffects of a really committed edger, however, it will in any case give you amazing outcomes with a little practice.


You can completely edge with a string trimmer. It takes some training and it’ll never really coordinate the accuracy of a committed edge apparatus however it tends to be finished. Take your time and get used to it. Once you master it you will enjoy working with it.