How To Install Dewalt Trimmer Line

How To Install Dewalt Trimmer Line

How To Install Dewalt Trimmer Line: Trimmers! One of the most common names and useful gadgets in our day to day life. Those who have a keen interest in maintaining a beautiful garden or a lawn, for them this machine has no other alternatives. These trimmers are very useful to weep out all the unwanted grasses and weeds that hamper the beauty of your plot. Those who use these machines already knows how it works and which one should be preferred. So, that is not our topic. Inside the lineup for Trimmers Dewalt is one of the best in business. More or less every user knows about this brand and the ability of their machines, but sometimes after being used for a while the trimmer line, which is the main power source of cutting or edging becomes useless or required changing.

How To Install Dewalt Trimmer Line

Not all the time we want to change the whole machine for this reason, consequently, the major question stands up, how I can change the trimmer line by myself. It is not a tough job to be done, but it requires a proper guideline. Therefore, today we are here to inform you how you can install Dewalt trimmer lines by yourself and make the machine work as it was before. You can also use the method to change other branded trimmer machines, if it fits in the same way but this article is only for the Dewalt Trimmers.

If you are ready to know the installation methods of Dewalt trimmer line, then please stay with us till the end, because we have to go through a few easy steps.

First things first we have to find out the recommended trimmer line for your Dewalt trimmer, because of the perfect fit and use. You can directly go to the store with your model number and bring it home or else, you can search it through the internet and order or pick it up. After the trimmer line is ready to be replaced you have to follow the below steps, which will not bother you doing. You can trust me on that note. So let us go for it.

First step: (Reading the user manual properly before starting)

We know that all the accessories come with a user manual for the better utilization and for safety as well. To get the job done on your own, you have to read the manual carefully and it really helps. Even at the carriage of your trimmer line or string your will see a caution for replacing the line perfectly. Going through that will definitely overcome your mistakes while the operation because you are not a professional.

Second step: (Unlocking the trimmer bobbin or spool where the line goes in)

After reading the user manual or caution, whenever we are ready to install the trimmer line we have to unlock the spool where the trimmer line or string will be placed. To install the trimmer line first you have to flip the Dewalt trimmer and search for the lock symbol. When you find that part you have to hold the knob and turn the base on the direction of the arrow, which you will see where the lock symbol is placed. According to a different model that might not be seen, on that note turn it anti-clockwise. Once you do it, you will see the notch is loosening from the knob and you have to pull it up straightaway. You will have the spool in your hand and that is the thing which holds the trimmer line.

Third step: (unpacking the trimmer line)

After you release the bobbin from the machine, you have to unpack the recommended trimmer line from Dewalt. You will find a mark at the end line of the line, which indicates the ending of the string rill, you can also determine as the starting point, it’s up to you. Now you can just take it out from the rill for use.

Fourth step: (Winding the trimmer line into the spool)

So, when both the spool and trimmer line is ready to be used, just holds the spool knob and you will see two or more retaining notches inside the spool, though depending on the model it can vary. To reload the trimmer into the spool you can cut a long size line but depending on the spool size it will be a smart activity. So firstly, place the line end into the first retaining notch inside the cutting rill and start winding according to the direction of clockwise. Make sure to wind the line serially and newly ended lines all the time like overlapping straightly. Do not crisscross the trimmer lines while winding, it can hamper the cutting and damage the trimmer spool. When the rill is loaded and reach the end line, leave 4-6 inches string left and push it to the holding slot into the one side of the spool to hold the line in the perfect place. Repeat the process for the second cutting line inside the spool and push the end line into the holding slot. As it is mentioned earlier, depending on the trimmer model the cutting line inside the spool may vary.

Fifth step: (Insert the spool into spool housing)

Remember the extra 4-6 inches line you left unwinding, now they will going to work for you. In this step, you have to place the each remaining lines into the two holes on either side of the trimmer head into the Spool Houser first. Secondly, you have to push down the knob of the trimmer head into the Houser according to the fitting of the notches and pull the both end of the trimmer line. After doing it the spool cap will snap into place and the white indicator, which most of the Dewalt trimmer head has should lock into place.

After going through these five simple steps, the trimmer head is fully loaded and ready to roll. I hope these easy steps and will definitely replace your Dewalt Trimmer line.

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