How to Remove Husqvarna Trimmer Head

How to Remove Husqvarna Trimmer HeadHow to Remove Husqvarna Trimmer Head: Husqvarna is one of the biggest and familiar names when it comes to household maintenance tools. They are very popular for manufacturing lawn trimmers that helps us to maintain our lawn and garden in a perfect way. Wipes the weeds and clean the grasses for our yard and give it the natural look, we always want. Well, it is a very common thing in the market and people choose the machines with trust. Sometimes, we might face some difficulty while trimming because of the string or power supply, but in some cases, we might have to replace the trimmer head after a certain time.

How to Remove Husqvarna Trimmer Head

We all know the trimmer head is the most important part that cut off the weed and for that reason when it loses the capacity of cutting or got broken, we might have to replace. In some other cases, an extra bit of dirt and wedges can reduce the performance of the trimmer head, on that note that requires cleaning, and for that, we have to open the head. So, the question jumps in our mind how we are going to open the head if it requires cleaning or changing? Do we have to take it to the store or we can do it by ourselves? The answer is, we can change it by ourselves because it is really an easy task and for that, we don’t have to be an expert as well.

To ease your way to remove the Husqvarna trimmer head, we prepared this article. As we always do, to make yourself comfortable and enjoy the task this work will be done following a few steps. This article is based on Husqvarna trimmers, so please before trying these methods on other trimmers please know about the machine first. Okay then, let us begin.

How to remove Husqvarna trimmer head: (User Guideline)

If you know how to remove the trimmer head from your Husqvarna trimmer, you can easily replace it or clean it while necessary, and your performance will remain the same. Husqvarna trimmers are made with an easy fitting that is why you will going to need only one tool to remove the headset, which is a small Allen wrench or punch tool, interestingly a small lock pin will do. When you have your tool let us get into it.

Step one: (Make sure the trimmer is completely shut)

Before you start removing the trimmer head, make sure the trimmer is not in power, which means, not plugged in or the battery pack is out. You used the trimmer a few moments back and while using you decided to change the head just because it isn’t working well, then let it be cool down for a while. At least keep it for 10-15 minutes.

Step two: (Finding the opening hole)

The very first thing you have to do for removing the trimmer head, you have to track down the small hole that is placed close around the trimmer head and shaft attach. That hole will be in an expanded nut located on the metal collar these two things mentioned. In easy words, that hole will be located underneath the trimmer head, the connecting point with the shaft.

Step three: (Removing the trimmer head)

Now, if you can see the hole, you have to put in the Allen wrench or any other thing like a punch tool or lock pin into it. After inserting the object inside there will be an empty space, now slowly turn the head clockwise and giving pressure to the object you just placed in. After one or two twists that thing will drop down into the gearbox and the trimmer head will be lock from moving. Now, for removing the head you have to prevent the shaft from turning, and for that hold, the shaft with one hand, place a figure of the same hand over the object that you placed in a few moments back.

The next thing is, use the other hand to grasp the trimmer head, turn right, or the same way your trimmer head spins.  You might have to apply a bit of pressure, but no worries your trimmer head will unscrew within a few moments and come off easily into your hand.


  • Most of the time the trimmer head requires changing and to do that apply this method to remove the head and do any maintenance or replacement. If you are replacing the head than you might require plastic parts and connecters included with your additional head to appropriately set it up.
  • Remember, if you are removing the head for cleaning than clean it with blowers or a soft piece of cloth. For restringing the trimmer head you don’t have to open the head. They are smartly invented and the spool automatically winds the string by Turing the knob on the top of the head.
  • After you are done cleaning or changing the head, for reinstalling the head place the punch tool or lock pin, or any other object that fits into the hole like the same way you did before. Follow the same process of holding both the shaft and object and place the replacement head over the spot, the only thing you have to do alternatively is, turn in the opposite direction for tightening the head firmly. After the last wind makes sure the head is tight enough.

So, these were the simple three steps of removing Husqvarna trimmer head. Sometimes this task might consume a little bit of extra time, because of some reasons like, if the head never removed before, or something get stuck into the thread somehow. Don’t worry, just never turn the head into the opposite direction while opening, or reinstalling. Follow the guideline and do it easily. Hope this article works, and if you guys didn’t know how to change the trimmer head now you know “How to remove Husqvarna trimmer head”.