How to Remove Ryobi Trimmer Head

How to Remove Ryobi Trimmer HeadHow to Remove Ryobi Trimmer Head: Ryobi trimmers are well-known product when it is about trimmers for your lawn, or to maintain any garden. They have different facilities and comes with good durability as well. These trimmers are basically popular at the electric trimmer segment. But at the gasoline variant, they are also well known for the performance. Ryobi produces first rated cordless trimmer that is even better than gasoline products. Moreover, they have good durability and battery health. They deliver long run power and fade-free performance.

How to Remove Ryobi Trimmer Head

Trimmers basically have the demand for edging extra bit of grass or wedges inside our plot, which requires proper maintenance for keeping the beauty. That’s why people choose trimmers for maintaining, and these days when the technology is developed, cordless trimmers are very popular. Based on that Ryobi becomes a popular name. Whatever, these words were only for extra knowledge the main thing we want to discuss today is, how to remove Ryobi trimmer head


Well, for different reasons we might face problems with the trimmer head because that body part directly goes into action. It can be for replacing the head, or it can be for cleaning the. On the other side, it may require feeding with a new string. So, it is very important to know how we can replace or remove the trimmer of Ryobi trimmers. Unless we know, we might think the machine is not worth it, and we have to change. But with a few simple steps, we can change our Ryobi trimmers’ head or remove for any other work.


We always care about the user’s money and emotions, that’s why we try to give simples suggestions to overcome your problems. On that note, with this article, we are going to show you how to remove Ryobi trimmer heads step by step. If you guys are interested to stay until we are done. 


How to remove Ryobi trimmer head: (User guide)


As we mentioned earlier, we want to keep it simple for the users that is why we just divided the techniques into some simple steps. Those are given below the line. Before we start, remember to turn off the trimmer completely for your own safety. 


Step one: (Reading user guide)


We always recommend the users to read the user manual first, because it helps us to know about the machine, and if we are lucky enough it helps us a lot to make changes and to operate. But if they don’t, we are here. 


Step two: (Placing the trimmer over a flat surface and manage a screwdriver)


After you are done with reading let’s get into work. The first thing you have to do is, place the trimmer into a flat strong surface for removing the head properly. It can be done by holding with hands, but doing that will block your one hand that is necessary for removing the head, you have to stop the movement of the trimmer. Manage a small head screw drive, which will be the key factor for removing the trimmer head. 


Step three: (Align the slots and place the screw to remove)


If you watch carefully you will see, there are a few slots on the trimmer head and the gear case. Theses trimmers’ heads are basically tightened with a washer. To remove the trimmer head you have to align the slots of these two. Align the slot of the gear case and the trimmer head washer. When these two are in one line take a small head screwdriver, which we mentioned earlier, and place the head inside the slots.


After placing the screwdriver head slightly rotate the trimmer head and that will be locked because of the placement of the screwdriver. Remember we mentioned that you will be going to need both hands, now that time has arrived. Hold the screwdriver with the one hand and use the one to turn the trimmer head clockwise that means to your right. After a while, your trimmer head will be in your hand. 


A few things to remember


See those three steps aren’t that harder for you. Now a few things you have to remember while removing the trimmer head. 

  • If you are up for changing the trimmer head, the new trimmer head will not come with a flinch washer, which is required for placing the trimmer head with the gearbox. So, never lose the washer, or else you have to pay extra money for that. 
  • While replacing the trimmer head, align the trimmer head with the flinch washer and then place it to the screw of the trimmer where it fits in.
  • After placing the trimmer head turn anti-clockwise to fix the head, and place the screwdriver head like before to give the last wind and lock the head. 
  • For changing the trimmer line, you have to remove the head first and by pressing the tabs in it you have to release the cap and take out the spool rill for feeding.
  • Holding the shaft housing firmly is very important while removing the head because the movement of the trimmer will waste your time. 

So, this was it. By following these three steps you can easily remove your trimmer Ryobi trimmer head. As we mentioned it earlier this technique will work for only Ryobi string trimmers because different manufacturers give different shapes and opening module. If it matches with some other models than you are lucky.


Sometimes, you will find the different patterned head removing on Ryobi due to the model, but most of them are made like this. I hope you enjoyed it, though we have given an extra bit of information concerning the topics, all will be at help.  

Thanks for reading.