How To Replace Ryobi Trimmer Line

How To Replace Ryobi Trimmer Line

How To Replace Ryobi Trimmer Line: String trimmers! One of the most common and useful gadgets for maintaining the yard or any place where you want to trim the weed or grasses for the decoration. Most of the time we use these trimmer for our household works, because they are user-friendly and very effective. One of the most common names inside the lineup of string trimmers is Ryobi trimmers. They are very handy and user feedback is also very mesmerizing. However, we all know that every machine has a deadline and these machines have the cutting power based on strings. Therefore after a certain time, they require changing.

How To Replace Ryobi Trimmer Line

For better edging and smooth performance we don’t have to change the whole trimmer, we just have to replace the trimmer line. Now the question is, how we can do it? Do we have to take the machine to a mechanic or we can do it by ourselves. A simple question and easy answer, yes! We can replace the trimmer line on our own. One question left, how?

To solve this problem, we prepared this article, How to replace the Ryobi trimmer line. We don’t have to mention that every work has easy steps and guidelines to be followed, and in this case, the same thing goes as well.

Before we start, we request the reader to stay till the last, we will not take that much time of yours. Only a few steps to be followed and your trimmer line will be ready to go.

I hope you guys are ready to replace the trimmer line, because it will take a few blinks and the machine will be ready for trimming again. So, from bellow let us have look those easy steps, which we have to follow to get the job done without difficulty.

First step: (Reading the user manual to know about the machine first)

Every machine comes with a user manual for better and easier use. To replace the trimmer line it will be better to know about the machine first, because you must know the machine first to do some mechanism with it. Read the manual carefully first, you will definitely see where the trimmer line is placed and how to reopen things and replace things. Know about the spool and how it is made, then go for it.

Second step: (Finding recommended trimmer line)

It is always better to feed the machine what it requires. All the notches and knobs will act accordingly, whenever the trimmer line or string will be the exact one. So, according to your model find the best trimmer line from a hardware store or from the recommended brand shop where you bought the trimmer.

Third step: (Cutting the trimmer line and knowing the spool)

After you get the recommended trimmer line, we will recommend you to cut down around 10-12 feet long trimmer line for the replacement, but it might vary according to the trimmer size. Ryobi trimmer manufacturing is not like the regular ones, and for that, the spool of the trimmer doesn’t require to be open while replacing the line. It is one of the smart innovations.

Turn over the trimmer and take the spool out of the housing first. There, you will see the spool has a few indicators and two holes on both sides. On top of that holes, you will see a notch and arrow mark, from where the trimmer line normally comes out. And that the place we have to place in the line, now the question is how, without opening the spool? Your answer is right here in the next step.

Fourth step: (Replacing the trimmer line into the spool)

After you unlock the spool from the spool housing, you will see there is an arrow mark underneath the spool and you have to align that arrow mark to the notch line which we have figured out with the spool holes. To do it, you have to press the knob of the spool and turn. In most of the trimmers, you will see an arrow mark or indicator, which will show you the way you have to turn the knob and make the arrows align. If you can’t see it, just push down the knob and turn right like the clockwise.

After you do it, the spool hole will be unlocked for feeding the trimmer string and all the arrow marks will be aligned accordingly in both sides of the hole. As it is mentioned, these machines are smartly made, they have a hole inside the spool rill, and from there the entire line will go through from one end to another. Now, bring the trimmer line you have cut before and feed it through the holes. After placing the line into the hole, you will see the line is coming through from the other end and make sure to maintain the same length of the line on both sides. After pulling off the line from both ends and confirming equal size both side you are ready to wind.

Fifth step: (Winding the trimmer line and place the spool)

So, now all is set and just one thing left and that is to wind the whole line into the rill. Remember the turn indicator, you just have to turn it to like the same way you did before. Hold the base of the spool with one hand and place the other hand onto the top of the spool knob. Turn the knob according to the direction it shows and you will see the line starts feeding inside the rill as you wanted.

After winding for a while, you will see the rill has become tight enough and that the ending of your job. Cut the extra bit of line according to your need and left 4-6 inches outside. Place the knob into your trimmer spool house and it is ready like before.

So, these were the simple five steps for replacing your Ryobi trimmer line, after going through these five simple steps, the trimmer head is fully loaded and ready to roll.

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