How to Replace String on Ryobi Trimmer

How to Replace String on Ryobi TrimmerHow to Replace String on Ryobi Trimmer: Most of the time when we have leisure time we like to do gardening, and when we desire to do that we require many tools. Among the most important gardening tool trimmers are very important. This machine wipes out all the unnecessary grasses and the shrubs seen, and because of them, our beautifying task becomes easier. Whatever, when it comes to trimmers, Ryobi string trimmers are one of the best in business. They have all the features that a powerful and perfect string trimmer can contain. Besides, the electrical one is one of the famous among all of Ryobi.

How to Replace String on Ryobi Trimmer

Most of the time after using a string trimmer, users come up with a common problem and that is the string. As the strings are made of nylon, after being used for a while, or taking heavy-duty loads they wore up badly. At that time they require replacement. So today our topic will be going to show you all how to replace a string on Ryobi trimmer. Every single trimmer has different features and operating, therefore the process we are going to show you in this article might help you guys to change other trimmer strings, but to be precise this is for only Ryobi string trimmers. 


You don’t have to worry that much because replacing the string in a Ryobi trimmer is an economical task that can be done quite quickly and requires just a few tools in your home. For better performance, most of the Ryobi models need a 0.80-inch diameter monofilament replacement string, which is willingly obtainable at most gardening tool centres and home improvement retailers. So, if you want to replace your trimmer string on your own, then stay till the last, it won’t take long to get your trimmer running again as it was. 


How to replace the string on Ryobi trimmer: (User Guide)

As we always do, for better understanding and faster work we divide the process into some simple steps. For this changing process, the same thing goes. But before we start, reading the user manual is very important. It gives us a prior knowledge about the trimmer and the line replacement. The more you know about your machine, the more you save it from getting damaged. So, are you guys ready? Then let us go for it.


Step 1: (Preparing the trimmer for replacing the string)

If your trimmer model is a wire connected then disconnect the sparkplug wire from the power outlet to make sure the unit will not start. If the model is run by battery pack then you should detach the battery pack before starting the replacement. After the trimmer is out of power lay the trimmer on a flat surface. 


Step 2: (Removing the spool for getting started)

Most of the Ryobi trimmers come with a bump knob trimmer head and the spool is placed inside. To take out the spool you have to remove the spool cap by pressing the bump knob. To unscrew the cap, you will see two tabs placed both sides on the head and press those to release the cap and expose the inner spool containing the trimmer string. After removing the cap you just have to grab the spool and take it out, nothing to be hard, now clean the wreckage from the powerhead, using a piece of cloth, or a clean firm brush. After cleaning the surface, pull out the remaining string on the spool and throw it away. 


Step 3: (Prepare the string and place it inside)

There are two different ways that you can follow to replace the string. The first and easiest way to do it is to buy a premade spool with a string. You don’t have to bother much with that, just take the whole spool out and place in the new one. But if you want to do it manually then, measure near around 10-12 feet of your new trimmer string that you have to buy from a gardening store, or from a hardware store. You won’t need the whole line, so after you measured 10-12 feet long string cut it through snipers.

The next thing you have to do is, place in one end of the trimmer string into the inner slot of the spool and start winding the string anticlockwise. Don’t need to worry, because you will find a few arrow marks as well over the trimmer spool that will show the way of winding. Make sure the string is tight and even on the spool while winding. You have to stop winding when the spool is fully loaded and you have 6 to 8 inches of string left. There will be a notch on the spool to hold the string from getting unwind.


Step 4: (Replacing the spool) 

The last thing you have to do is guide the end of the trimmer string through the eyelets of the trimmer head and release the string from the spool notches before doing that. Those remaining 6-8 inches string will be seeing outside from the eyelets of the head and place the spool into the head. Now replace the bump knob and the cap on the outer spool and reattach it to the powerhead.


Step 5: (Power up the trimmer)

Now it is time to reattach the battery pack or reconnect plug into the electrical outlet and start trimming.

This was it for how to replace the string on a Ryobi trimmer, hope you enjoyed this article and it will help you guys to get the job done as easy as you wanted. For your own safety, you can wear hand gloves if you want, because the string is made with nylon while winding it can hurt your hands. 

Thank you.