How to Replace Trimmer Line Black and Decker

How to Replace Trimmer Line Black and DeckerHow to Replace Trimmer Line Black and Decker: Gardening is one of the most common and popular hobbies that mankind prefers. It has no age or gender issues, we all love to go green, and live with green. But to maintain our garden we need many tools for the better beauty and our own satisfaction. Among the tool list, we have string trimmers, and when it is about string trimmers for your garden, Black and Decker’s trimmers are one of the most useful gardening trimmers.

Black and Decker’s trimmers can help you to get rid of weeds and shape up your undergrowth as you want. It also saves you valuable time for doing the job. However, it is a machine and after using it for a while the most common problem you can face is, the trimmer line may become worn out or broken, because of that reason your trimmer might become useless. Now, what can be the solution? Do you need to change the whole set, or you can change the trimmer string? Fortunately, you can easily replace the trimmer line by yourself of any trimmer. When it comes to Black and Decker trimmers, they are one of the easiest for doing this task. You just have to follow the correct procedures and know your machine well.

How to Replace Trimmer Line Black and Decker

To make your job easier, we prepared this article based on how to replace trimmer lines for a black and decker trimmers. We broke down the procedure into some simple steps for your better understanding, and these steps will help you to replace the line on most Black and Decker trimmers.


How to replace trimmer line black and decker: (User guideline)


As we mentioned, this procedure is divided into a few steps for better understanding, so stick until we are done, and hope it will help you to replace your trimmer line. First things first, remove your battery pack, if it is an electric or gasoline trimmer model, then be sure it is out of power. It is for your own safety.


Step one: (Read the manual first)


We always recommend this step at the top of the list, because it helps you to know about your machine better. Reading the user manual will also help you to know about the recommended trimmer line, which you will need to replace. You will have a better idea about the spool, power output, and other things that will ensure both you and the safety of your machine.


Step two: (Preparing the trimmer line) 


If you find the recommended trimmer line into your user manual, then grab it from any hardware store. Purchase a .080 inch (2.0 mm) diameter round monofilament line from a hardware store. Never buy a notched or heavier string, because it can overload the motor and cause warmness. For better and simpler replacement, you can also buy pre-threaded spools from Black and Decker’s website, or from a hardware store.


Step three: (Taking out the spool)


Most of the black and decker string trimmer comes with a cap headed trimmer head, and the spool is underneath the cap into the housing. For taking out the spool you don’t have to replace the whole housing. There will be two tabs on both sides of the trimmer head and by pressing those tabs with your figures will release the trimmer head cap. So, press the tabs equally and take out the cap. After that you will the spool will automatically get out with the cap, but in some models, they will remain inside the head, just pull it off with two figures, it will easily come into your hands after you pull off the cap.


Step four: (Replacing the trimmer line into the spool)


If you bought the pre-threaded trimmer spool then the trimmer line is already fed into it. You just have to replace the spool, as you just take it out, and your job is done. But if you bought only the trimmer line, then be ready to work for a while. Now, it doesn’t matter the spool is a single line or dual, you will see there is a notch inside the spool. Take the replacement line you bought, and feed the line through the hole and begin to wind it around the spool.

The more you overlay your spool, the more probable it is to get twisted when you start working with it. So, try to wrap the lines one by one into the spool, so that the line is wrapped one after another. Don’t crisscross, you can overlap but maintain the straightness. You have wind the line counter-clockwise because most of the black and decker models have this threading process. You will also see some arrow marks, which gives the direction for winding the line.


Step five: (Placing the spool into the cap)


After you are done winding the trimmer line, make sure 6 inches (15.24 cm) of the line remains on the end. Cut the trimmer line with clippers or shrill shears and put the excess line through the eyelets on the spool to hold them. Now take the spool cap and place the spool into it, if your model requires the spool into the head directly then do so. You see there will be two eyelets on both sides of the cap or the trimmer head from where the trimmer line goes out. Release the threads from the spool notches, or eyelets and place them into those eyelets of the cap, or the head. We are almost there guys.


Step six: placing the spool into the housing)


Now the last thing you have to do is, place the spool into the trimmer head. It the spool is sticking with the cap according to your model then place the spool with the cap into over the head and gently press the cap, the tabs will be locked by itself. On the other hand, if the spool goes in the head first then place it just in the same way you take it out and place the cap over it and press it through the tabs. When the tabs are locked your job is done.


While doing this job try to wear hand gloves, because the lines are made of nylon and it can hurt your hands. So, this was it guys, I hope this procedure will help you all to replace your black and decker trimmer lines.


Thanks for reading