How to Replace Trimmer Line

How to replace trimmer lineHow to Replace Trimmer Line: A string trimmer is one of the most essential handy gardening tools for making a manicured looking at your garden. Moreover, it is an important element to keep your lawns and garden areas neat. The most essential thing of a string trimmer is to replace a trimmer line. To ease your work you have to replace the trimmer line at the beginning of each working season as the old line can fragile over the winter and will break easily. This may obstruct your work as a fragile line can’t cut well and the lawn is looked very awkward. It is not so difficult to work to replace the trimmer line but lacking adequate information people become frustrate and confuse when working on their own.

How to Replace Trimmer Line

Generally, there are three types of trimmer- such as Single-line trimmer, Double line trimmer, and Speed feed trimmer and luckily this requires very little maintenance. Most of the users prefer either Single line or double line trimmer. When you operate an electric trimmer or gas trimmer one task you have to bear in mind that you have to replace the trimmer line. It is the most time-consuming part of your trimmer task but if you follow the right techniques to replace your trimmer line automatically the time you spend will reduce. Another thing is that you have to know the different parts of your machine. It is also important to ensure your safety.

If you are ready to learn how to replace a trimmer line, well, now I am going to tell you some techniques that would be easy for you. If you do care, let me show you a sincere approach. You have to read carefully the following teachings and try to adhere to them as much as possible.

Precaution before replacing the trimmer line

You have to switch off your machine, otherwise, you can be seriously injured or hurt. Experts recommended that the gearbox should have been allowed to cool before replacing the line. You should assure you that you have a suitable working space that you know well where the different parts have been put down because it has the possibility to lose the spring. You have to need a sharp cutting tool as you don’t want a badly cut line.

How to replace trimmer line

Here are some easy procedures that I am going to tell you in an easy manner. Please don’t be so hurry cause we know that slow and steady wins the race. Just concentrate on the following procedure and practice it repeatedly. If you practice it well the time that you spend will reduce surprisingly 5 to 7 minutes.

  1. Selection and Preparation of line: 

    The first and foremost step of the trimmer is to take a spool and cut the replacement line that you want to fit. You have to select a strong trimmer line. If you select a thick line the motor will decelerate. The length of the trimmer line should not be so longer or shorter. It should be a definite length of at least 10 feet.

  2. Turn off the engine: 

    The engine must be turn off to prevent serious injury or accident. This is the most safety process.

  3. Removal of the retaining cap: 

    It depends largely on trimmer design. The retaining cap should be removed by unscrewing or by pressing down one or two tabs. You have to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines if you face any problem. You have to keep your screws safe till you need them again.

  4. Take off the trimmer head: 

    After unscrewing the retaining cap you have to take off the trimmer head. You have to keep all your essential tools and bits together in a definite place that is related to the trimmer.

  5. Installation of trimmer line: 

    You have to cut about 10″ parts of the cable line and double them. Then put the lines into one of the gaps in the reel and pressing it into the spool with few inches remaining. Now, the remaining line will put into the other real. Then you have to complete the loop by squeezing the line tightly. In this process the position of the line will secure so as to it does not turn around freely inside the body. You have to find out two chambers in case of a double line trimmer and one chamber in case of a single-line trimmer at the bottom of the internal reel and press into one of the gaps. You have to press into each end of the trimmer row so that both ends should meet up and the line left two or three inches left.

  6. Twisting the trimmer line: 

    You have to twist the trimmer line tightly on the direction of the arrow in a clockwise direction on the top of the reel. Push the ends into the holding slots market ‘0.95″‘. Once there are about 6 inches left of trimmer line, snap it on the retainer on the spool which holds it in place. You have to follow neatness matters as an untidy defect line will cause some problems like a jam. Avoid unnecessary overlaps.

  7. Push into the holding slots: 

    When you have around 6 inches left, simply push each string into the holding slots. After remaining your line in place reattach the spring to the tool’s shaft and feed the line through the spring head eyelets.

  8. Tighten the head: 

    You have to set the reel to its authorized position on the barrel and hold down the reel, compress the cable. Return the button to the bottom of the trimmer head and screw the button away into the top of the trimmer.

  9. Insert the trimmer line: 

    Insert the trimmer line via the eyelet and allow other lines to come in the opposite position. You have to pull until they are of equal length at both sides. Eventually, you have to rotate the head. Don’t squeeze so tightly, tighten firmly. Use the cap of the trimmer and press down the cap on the tabs to insert it into the trimmer.

Final thought

After following the above-mentioned instructions you have to suit it step by step. Turn on the trimmer to observe if whether it works or not. Snag feeling means you replace it wrongly. Then you have to remove the spool once again and rewind the line. Repeat the process until you get it right.