How to Restring GreenWorks Trimmer

How to Restring GreenWorks Trimmer

How to Restring GreenWorks Trimmer: “Life gets easier” that’s the tagline of Greenworks tools. Greenworks produces user-friendly and powerful equipment that works for both household and professional activities. When it is about maintaining yards or cutting down an extra bit of grass or wedges from our plot, we need string trimmers for achieving the best results. A string trimmer is one of the most important essential tools for trimming and edging. And if we talk about string trimmers, we have to mention GreenWorks trimmers. They are very convenient, and users are very happy with the performance.

How to Restring GreenWorks Trimmer

Greenworks have all types of trimmers like gasoline, battery, and electric. Most of them are very cost-effective and provides excellent performance. All these types of string trimmer are made for both heavy-duty and long-lasting capacity. But, they are machines, and the most significant issues that users face with string trimmers are, restring them. Trimmer strings are made with nylon, and after using them for a while, they become damaged. Sometimes they wore up so badly that it requires changing. Now the question is, can the user change the string by themselves? Yes! They can.

If you are using a GreenWorks trimmer, you are so lucky, because in this article we are going to show how to restring the GreenWorks trimmer. It is very important to know that all the string trimmers can be made with changeable parts and to do that you don’t have to go anywhere.

Okay, we don’t want to mess up things, let us go directly to the topic point.

How to restring GreenWorks trimmer: (User guide)

We are going to show you the easiest way to restring your GreenWorks trimmer. For better understanding like we always do simple steps are made for the task. You have to do one thing, stay with us until we are done, and read the whole article to know how to restrain the GreenWorks trimmer.

Step one: 

As always, the very first step is to read the user guide of your trimmer. Here, you will know about the characteristics of your machine, and you may also find the recommended trimmer string that you have to use for your trimmer. Every manufacture and every trimmers model has a different size and different type of strings, so before installing it, you have to know about it. You might get a little bit of help for opening the spool where the trimmer string goes as well. For the rest of the part, we are here.

Step two: 

The second thing you have to do is prepare the string for replacing. After reading the guide book, you might have the idea about the string, what type of string your trimmer requires, and the size and all. Go to the hardware store and select the recommended trimmer string. Now, the entire pack will not be at use, and you have to know cut it down for your use. Generally, GreenWorks trimmers have 15-20 feet trimmer line, according to the model. That’s one thing you must know about your model, and if you don’t know cut the string about 15-20 feet.

Step three: 

After your trimmer string is ready to be replaced, it is time you take out the spool. To take out the spool begin by locating the latch point on the side of the trimmer head. Now, simultaneously push both points inwards to unlock the headcover. After you uncap the trimmer head, remove the empty spool from the trimmer head. Now take the cutting string and equal both ends of it.

Step four:

Before you place string into the spool make sure the front of the spool is facing you. Now place the string loop in the middle notch located in the middle of the spool. Begin to wind the string with one hand until you have 6 inches left on both side, and hold the spool with another, remember you have to wind clockwise, which means to your right. 70% of your task is complete, and you are almost there.

Step five: 

When you have 6 inches string left after winding it up, secure each end of the string in the notches placed opposite of each other in the spool. Next, replace the spool into the cover you took out a few moments back and align the string lines with the cover’s exit holes. There will be two holes, and both will be aligned if you do one, you don’t have to worry about that. Now, you have to remove each end of the string from the spool’s notches and thread each of them from the side of the exit holes of the cover. Once the trimmer lines are secured and ready to be replaced on the trimmer head, you have to follow one more step, and you are done.

Step six:

To place the spool into the trimmer head, you have to line up the trimmer head’s latch points with the curved side of the spool cover. There is a spring inside the trimmer head where the spool will be placed on. Check out the spring, because it will go through the middle of the spool. Now, place the spool into the trimmer head and push it genteelly until the latches lock into place. Make sure you are not pushing it so hard that the latches broke, check the spring or the other things are right into place before you push if they are then you have to give a push and the spool will be locked with the trimmer head.

That’s it guys; an easy task is done by following these simple steps that we have shown right on top. Follow these six steps and restring your GreenWorks trimmer, hope you guys enjoyed the article and apply them for real-life experience. And those of you didn’t know how to do it, now you now.

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