How to Restring Kobalt 40v Trimmer

How to Restring Kobalt 40v Trimmer

How to Restring Kobalt 40v Trimmer: Are you guys up for edging the extra bit of grass from your lawn? If you are, then you might need a trimmer then. Several types of string trimmers make the job easier for you, but choosing one from all those is a difficult task. Let us mention a name, which is the Kobalt 40V string trimmer. Kobalt 40-volt battery-powered string trimmers can provide up to 40 minutes of runtime, but you have to charge the 2.5Ah battery fully. This trimmer has the good heavy-duty dual-line feeds through a bump head, and for that, it makes the machine powerful through harsh grass and weeds. It has an ideal design that ensures proper cutting motion and completes your heavy-duty task within a short time. However, that is not the topic we are going to discuss today.

How to Restring Kobalt 40v Trimmer

The main agenda for today’s article is the string. Yes, these trimmers can be used for the heavy-duty workload that’s for sure, but doing that proper maintenance is also required. The very first thing about this machine that requires maintaining is the string. Due to many reasons, a string can be worn up, and it needs to be changed. So, today we are going to discuss how to restring Kobalt 40V trimmers.

As we all know, different manufacturers come with different technology and fittings. That is why it is essential to know the proper way, recap the trimmer head, take out the spool safely, and restrain your trimmer line. Unless you know the appropriate direction, you might damage your trimmer. On that note, it may cost you more money. Don’tDon’t worry, you will not face that type of situation, because from bellow the lines, we will show you how to get the job efficiently.

How to restring Kobalt 40v trimmer: (User Guideline)

We have mentioned earlier. This task will be an easy thing to do, but we have to follow some steps. So are you guys ready? Then let’s go for it.

Step one: (Preparing the string)

Before you start to restring the worn up string or the broken one, you have to make sure that the replacing string is the same that your model accepts. Every trimmer has a variety when it is about string, length, width, and company. So first you have to know about the string that fits in your trimmer model. Go through the user manual of your trimmer, or the cautions you will find the recommended trimmer and the size. If you don’t get any, go to the hardware store and tell about your Kobalt 40V trimmer model they can help you. However, most string trimmers have 15-20 feet long strings inside, but as this is a dual-line trimmer, you have to make sure the size and cut it up. We will recommend cutting 20 feet long string for your trimmer.

Second step: (Taking out the spool from the trimmer head)

We mentioned earlier that this trimmer has a bump head system. Thanks to Kobalt, these trimmer heads aren’t tough to open, they very user-friendly. Okay, look at the trimmer head carefully, the trimmer spool is placed inside a housing, and to take it out we have to open that. To open up the Hub of the head, you have to do one thing; you want to know what? Okay, observe the trimmer head, and you will see two tabs on each side. To open the head portion, you have to press those tabs firmly, and it will be unlocked. Now slowly take the head hub, and you will see the spool will also get out of the housing with the Hub. Now the spool is in your hand, you have only one task left, which strings it up.

Step three: (Restring the spool)

Take the spool into your hand, and you will see there is a notch inside it. Now, take the cutting string and fold it into half. Make sure both ends are in the same length. Use the string’s loop and place it inside the notch that you just figured out indie the spool. The next thing you have to do is, position one hand over the notch to hold the string’s position, and using the other hand start winding, both the lines will be wrap into the rill at a time. But before you start winding, seethe spool top, and there will be an arrow to show you the exact direction for winding. Observe it, start winding, and make sure both the lines go straight one after another. Left 6 inches string unwind on both sides. On both sides of the spool, there are two notches on the top upper side. Place those 6 inches strings one in the spool’s front side and the other one into the opposite side. Your job is 75 % complete.

Step four: (Placing the spool in the housing)

Remember the Hub you unlocked to take out the spool, and now it has some use. The last thing you have to do is, take the Hub and see two eyelets on each side, those 6inches strings that you left unwind will go out through these eyelets. Place the Hub over the spool and release the strings from the notches and feed them through the eyelets on both sides of the Hub. When you are done doing that place the entire set over the housing, positioning the two tab holes over those tabs that you used before for opening the Hub, and please press it genteelly or else that tabs can break down. The trimmer head is again ready to run.

If you guys didn’t know How to restring Kobalt 40v trimmer, now you guys know. Just follow these simple four steps and rerun your trimmer as you like. Remember one thing in mind: before performing this task, always remove the battery pack from the trimmer. It is one of the best precautions you can have for this task to prevent any bad incident.

Thanks for being with us.