How to Sharpen Electric Hedge Trimmers

How to Sharpen Electric Hedge TrimmersHow to sharpen electric hedge trimmers: Is your hedge trimmer are no longer working effectively as it used to be? This isn’t a problem only happening with you. After long working with hedge trimmers it’s blade becomes less sharp.

How to Sharpen Electric Hedge Trimmers

Don’t worry, we have an easy solution for you. You can sharp it from a professional sharpener or just by yourself at home.

In this article, first, we will briefly discuss when you need to sharpen your hedge trimmer blade and then how to sharpen the blade at home using the easiest method. So without further ado, let’s get started.

How to understand if your hedge trimmer requires sharpening:

Branches keep getting jammed in the trimmer:

In the event that you are seeing an inclination for branches to get stuck out between the blades during cutting, so they hinder the apparatus without being cut, this proposes the upper and lower blades of the hedge trimmer are done gathering as opposed to showing a requirement for honing. It happens on the grounds that the spacers between the blades wear out after some time Your seller can fix this by substituting the spacers for you.

Branches are not cutting easily:

On the off chance that your petroleum or electric hedge trimmer abandons a lopsided and frayed edge as it cuts, this shows you have to sharp the hedge trimmer blades. You can go to the local shop for hedge trimmer sharpening, or on the other hand, you can get the apparatus once again into fresh condition by yourself – with a little patient work.

You will require some devices and materials to effectively sharpen your electric hedge trimmer. They are:

  1. Flat file
  2. Whetstone
  3. Soft cloth
  4. Water
  5. STIHL resin solution
  6. Safety clothing
  7. Hand gloves
  8. Security glasses and face protection

Instructions: sharpening your hedge trimmer;

Preferably, sharpening ought to be done before the blades give noticeable indications of wear – remember that the life expectancy of your hedge trimmer is vigorously subject to normal maintenance. To that extent, we suggest sharpening after like clockwork of utilization or something like that, to guarantee predictable slicing execution and to empower you to make the most of your hedge trimmer for quite a while to come. You can likewise discover all the significant data you need about sharpening your hedge trimmer in the working directions.

Important safety precautions:

Before you start sharpening, consider how best to insure yourself. Wear wellbeing glasses and gloves produced using strong material to forestall injury. You ought to likewise guarantee that your instrument can’t incidentally fire up or slip during sharpening.

Stage 1: clean the teeth

During use, plant sap and pitch gather on the cutting mechanical assembly of your hedge trimmer. Evacuate this earth with a delicate material before you begin sharpening the blades.

Stage 2: sharpen your hedge trimmer blades with a flat-file

With only a couple of steps required for sharpening your hedge trimmer by hand, you can make sure about dependable cutting execution. First, you’ll utilize a flat-file.

Continuously document towards the forefront. The flat file is intended to work just when applied one way, and this strategy guarantees an entirely sharp cutting edge.

While sharpening your hedge trimmer, attempt to utilize the record at the suggested sharpening point, which is normally gritty under Technical Data in the working directions for your instrument.

The file is just successful on the forward stroke, thus ought to be lifted from the surface when you move it back: abstain from “sawing” to and fro on a superficial level with the document, as this may dull the bleeding edge once more.

You ought to consistently be mindful so as not to expel an excessive amount of material during sharpening: the scraped area limit is 5 mm. In the event that you file off more than this, the material quality might be undermined, rendering your hedge trimmer unusable.

Utilize a similar number of file strokes for each bleeding edge, with the goal that all blades are a similar length toward the end.

Great to know: You should just sharpen the front line of every tooth. Try not to record the coordinated cut insurance or the orange plastic cut security.

Stage 3: evacuate burrs utilizing a whetstone:

You will require a whetstone for this progression of sharpening. Use it to smooth any burrs that have created on the underside of the blades during documenting.

Turn the hedge trimmer over so you can chip away at the rear of the blades, and daintily dampen them as you work. Draw the whetstone along every cutting edge, utilizing a cautious swiping movement toward the tip and smoothing the roughened surface as you go.

Stage 4: care in the wake of sharpening:

Nearly done! Presently you have to give your newly sharpened hedge trimmer a little TLC.

First evacuate any pounding dust created in the past advances. The way toward documenting will have expelled the erosion assurance that was beforehand on the blades, so you next need to shower the cutting contraption with STIHL pitch dissolvable. This will guarantee that the machine keeps on working consummately and that it will work well for you for quite a while to come

Would it be a good idea for me to sharpen my hedge trimmer at home or take it to an expert?

Not every person is sure about sharpening devices themselves. There will be some professional sellers, they will satisfy you to help, and can expertly sharpen the blades to accomplish an ideal outcome without expelling a lot of material.


  • Sharpening is a piece of routine support for your hedge trimmer.
  • You should clean the cutting edges before sharpening and soak them before utilizing the whetstone.
  • A flat file is a decent apparatus for sharpening.
  • Burrs ought to be evacuated utilizing a whetstone
  • Apply pitch dissolvable to re-establish the erosion assurance

Hope you will be benefited from this article. If you got any query or article request then feel free to ask using our comment section.  Happy Gardening!