How To Start A ECHO Weed Wacker

How To Start A ECHO Weed Wacker

How To Start A ECHO Weed Wacker: Weed wacker is a piece of essential equipment for gardeners. There are many types of wackers available in the market but the ECHO family product line has been designed and built to deliver long lifespan and on-the-job reliability. If you buy an ECHO weed wacker then you may find the starting process a little difficult sometimes. If so then just follow this article that contains some super easy guidelines. After following these steps you will be able to start your weed wacker at any condition easily. Now let’s jump into the main part.

How To Start A ECHO Weed Wacker

Fuel requirement: if your wacker runs with electricity than you can skip this step. Otherwise, follow this properly. The best fuel for ECHO wacker is gasoline and two-stroke oil. Echo premium Power Blend X is an example of two-stroke oil and octane-89 is an example of gasoline. Try to avoid using fuel that doesn’t follow the requirements of ECHO fuel requirements otherwise, it can cause performance fall, power loss, overheating problem, fuel vapor lock, and unintended problems. It can damage the fuel line, carburetor, and other parts of the engine. You can mix the fuel. Follow this process to mix these two kinds of fuel:

Mixing Instructions

  1. Fill the fuel tank with half of the required quantity of gasoline.
  2. Add an adequate amount of 2-stroke oil to the tank.
  3. Lock the tank and shake to mix the oil with gasoline.
  4. Add rest of the gasoline, close fuel the tank, and remix.

Blade Selection

Before starting a wacker it is very important to select a suitable blade to match the grade and size of the material you are going to cut. Blades sometimes varies for different categories. Use 8 tooth blade to trim weed/grass. Or there have many other options to try. A damaged or unsuitable blade can cause injury to the machine and you. The blade has to be very sharp to work smoothly.

Now you are ready to start the ECHO weed Wackers. Before starting keep the movable area away from other objects. Because as soon as you start the wacker the move able part exactly the blade will start rotation. For this surface and object can be seriously damaged. So keep them away. There are two situations for starting a wacker engine. The first one is in a cold situation and the second one is the normal or worm situation. We are going to discuss them in a separate part so that you can understand it clearly. Now let’s jump into starting the process:

Starting Cold Engine

When the atmospheric temperature is cold or lower than the normal temperature, then the engine doesn’t want to start. In this case, you follow these simple steps:

  1. Stop the main switch: You can find this switch on the throttle handle or main shaft. It has three options: RUN, BACK, and STOP. Move the switch to STOP to prevent any accident by the spinning blade.
  2. Choke switch: you will find the chock switch on the back of the air cleaner housing. It has the Cold Start and Run option. Turn on this chock switch to Cold Start position.
  3. Purge Bulb: Find the purge bulb and press it until you see the fuel is visible and flows freely in the transparent fuel tank line. Press it for extra 4-5 times. This bulb brings fuel from the fuel tank.
  4. Recoil starter: put the unit on the ground and keep away all move able obstacles. Grasp the throttle tightly with one hand and the trigger with the other hand and depress the throttle trigger to the wide-open position. Quickly pull the recoil starter (max -5) handle or rope until engine fires.
  5. Choke: After engine fired you have to move the choke to RUN position and the throttle trigger to a wide-open position. Now your engine will start. Keep it running for several minutes. Around 2-5 minutes is enough. We should keep it running to make the engine warm for further starting process.
  6. Throttle trigger: after warming up the engine, grip the throttle handle and other support handle and press the throttle trigger lockout deliberately to control engine RPM to control the blade speed.

Ultimately, you need to start the engine twice. 1st one is warming up the engine and the second one is for the permanent startup. If you don’t start the engine for warm-up than the engine may cause many problems related to performance. Now we will see how to start the engine if the engine is already warmed up or in a high-temperature situation. In this case, you don’t have to start the engine twice. Because the engine is already warmed. It happens when you were running the engine within the past few minutes. So let’s jump into the process and start our whacker engine. Please follow those super easy steps to start your engine safely.

Starting Warm Engine

The main process is the same as the cold engine but you don’t have to close the choke and don’t have to press throttle trigger fully.

  1. Stop Switch: At first move, the stop switch away from stop positions to start position.
  2. Purge Bulb: start pumping purge valve until you see the clear fuel in the fuel return tank line. The tank line is transparent and you can see the fuel. Pump valve for an extra 4-5 times after seeing fuel.
  3. Recoil Starter: take the whole unit at a flat surface away from the obstacle. Grip the throttle handle with one hand and throttle trigger lockout with another hand. Quickly pull out and in the recoil starter rope until the engine fires.
  4. If the engine doesn’t start within 5-6 pulls than your engine maybe get cold and in this case follow the cold start process.

Stopping The Engine

  1. Throttle: First you have to release the throttle trigger and let the engine return to the idle state before stopping it.
  2. Stop Switch: now move the stop switch button from the start position to stop position. Now your engine will stop properly.

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