How To String A Weed Eater

How To String A Weed Eater

How To String A Weed Eater: Weed eater is now a very popular and useful gadget for the gardeners to maintain the yard. You can trim weed very easily and quickly with a weed eater. In this article, we are going to describe the whole process of how to change the string of weed eater. Because even the best weed eater will ultimately need to change the string. This kind of maintenance work can be hard for some people. Who are new with the weed eater, need a proper guideline. Usually, people buy weed eater and try to change the string but they fail. Instead of doing wring attempt and wasting your valuable time you just follow this article. In the end, you will be able to change the string of your weed eater easily and perfectly.

How To String A Weed Eater

Types of weed eater string

  • Single string line
  • Double string line
  • Speed freed trimmer

We will discuss briefly all of the three types step by step.

Changing the Line on a Single-Line Trimmer

Prepare the line

There are different types and qualities of string depending on your weed eater manufacturer design. You need to purchase the right one for your weed eater. Otherwise, the eater will not work properly as expected. So don’t waste your money by guessing at the store. If you don’t know the exact size of your string than read the manual that comes with the weed eater when buy. You will find the right information from there. You can also check it online on that manufacturer’s website for instructions. Or you can simply contact the customer service portal of your weed eater. The length of the line need to cut also varies from around 10’-25’. Usually, 0.080 and 0.095 are the most used string size for gas-powered weed eater. 0.065 is the most used size for the electric weed eater. Moreover, the user manual can be your ultimate decision-maker that will tell you which size of string you should choose. And even now If you are not sure of the length of the line then don’t get panicked, just start with a longer string and at the end, you can cut the extra length to make it shorter.

Make sure your trimmer’s engine is turned off

You have to sure that your engine is turned off properly. This is for your safety if in case. To turn off your engine turn of the Off/On switch. You can find this switch on the main shaft.

Remove the retaining cap from the trimmer head

In this step, you need to remove the cap from over the weed eater head. This is also known as a spool. The process may include any of this from unscrewing or pressing or multiple tabs or any combination of them. Sometimes it can use an exceptional mechanism for removing the spool. If you cannot figure the process out you can look it the user manual or contact with your weed eater manufacturer customer portal.

Remove the existing string

After removing the cap you will find the string that you want to replace with a new string. Now wipe it out of the spool. Then you are ready to set up a new string. Follow the next steps now.

Locate the starter hole in the spool

Now you need to find the starter hole in the spool. It can locate in different positions. After that insert the front or tip of the string line and wind it with the right direction that is singed on the spool. Then wrap it straight to avoid further jam later on. When there are 5”-6” of string left then snap it in the retainer on the spool and left it in place.

Line up the retainer with the slot on the outside of the head

Reinstate the spool into the weed eater head. Wipe out the string from the retainer, and pull it through the hole to be sure that it is feeding smoothly. Now reattach the retaining cap with the same process in the reverse order that you have followed to open it.

Changing the Line on a Double-Line Trimmer

Changing the double line trimmer is exactly the same as the single line trimmer. But the difference between single-line trimmer and the double line trimmer is that the single line trimmer uses a single string in one slot and the double line trimmer uses a double string in two slots. You need to use a double string at a time instead of a single string. Now follow the exact guide for the single line string.

Changing the Line on a Speed-Feed Trimmer

To change the string on a speed -feed weed eater you need to follow the exact instruction for selecting appropriate string. After selection, make sure your engine is turned off properly to avoid any unexpected accidents

Rotate the cap so the arrows align with the eyelets

Now you need to find the eyelets. Rotate the cape as aligned that the arrow face with the eyelets. You can now see light passing through the head when you look throughout the eyelets.

Thread the end of the trimmer line through one eyelet

The string should pass through the eyelet on the opposite side of the weed eater head. Now Hold both ends jointly and pull to put both sides together. Whirl the head by clockwise direction until 5” to 6” of the string are remaining.

Now your string is ready to use. If you need to change this later you can follow this process again and again. Sometimes people ask for the best string for their weed eater. I want to say that there is no such best string for any weed eater. It varies from one eater to another. One more question is asked frequently that is what to do if your string gets stuck. In this case, try to pull it out from different angles. Or try to remove soil or those things with what your string struck or try to use vacuum can. That will help greatly to remove the string. Finally, you have learned the whole process.

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