How to String a Weed Wacker

How to string a weed wacker

How to string a weed wacker: Weed wacker is one of the fantastic tools for yard work. It adds a new experience of weed trimming of the yard. However, even with the availability of user-friendly weed wacker present in the market but most of the people don’t know how to string it. Even they try for hours to change the string but it’s really challenging for them to string weed wacker properly. So, they need a proper and easy guide to solve the problem. In this article, we’ll discuss a detailed and super easy 8 step guide that will help you to string your weed wacker/weed eater/lawn trimmer. Instead of wasting valuable time and struggling with the machine just follow our instructions that will work for changing the trimmer line of many top brands like Ryobi, Echo, Troy Bilt, Husqvarna, and Homelite.

How to string a weed wacker

Now you’re ready to string your weed wacker. So let’s go:

At first, you need to check your wacker whether it has one string or two string that means it has a single hole or double hole. After checking the number of string then you should go ahead and follow these super easy 6 steps.

Step 1- Read the user manual with full attention

A user manual is an ultimate guide and if you’re a new user of weed wacker please must read it first with full attention. By reading the user manual you can assume what will do next and what mistake you can make.

As an example, suppose, you have a new model wacker and you just buy a new spool. So you need to string the wacker. In this situation, the user manual will help you find the specific type of string that required for your new model. The user manual gives the specific description i.e size and other specifications as well.

You should buy the specific string mentioned in the user manual and don’t try with a different string that has a different size and shape. If you select the exact string that mentioned in the user manual for the very first time then your next steps will be super easy and next time you can string your weed wacker in the same way again and again.

As usual, individually each kind of weed wacker has its most common size. For example, 0.080 and 0.095 are the most common size of gas-powered wacker. 0.065 is the most common size of the electric wacker. However, the user manual will be the ultimate decision-maker that will tell you which size you should choose.

Step 2- Loosening the spool

In this step at first, you should unscrew the spool or you can lose the spool by pushing in the tab. This unscrew option can be different on some models. However, you just need to get off the head of the wacker from the rest of the body. Without this removing of the head, you’ll be not able to release the spool. To remove the head you should get off the nut that holds it to the body. You just hold the nut and screw them back.

Step 3- Cutting the string

After releasing the spool properly the next step is cutting the string that means now turn to your new string. In this step at first, you should cut a swath. Generally, a swath situated somewhere between 15 and 25 feet of a string. But the location of a swath always depends on the size of the string.

Don’t be confused, you can go ahead as long as you can. You can modify it as more as you want. You should be careful that the strings should be the same size for an even cut in case of a two-stringed weed wacker. You should string them at the same time.

Step 4- Restringing

After cutting the string properly in this step you should look at the center of the spool. You can find a small hole there.

Then go ahead and you should push through the string about a half-inch.

After pushing the string then you want to grab the hole onto the string. After grabbing the hole you should load the rest of the spool. However, you’ll find two holes in the case of two strings. In this case, you should load them one at a time.

Step 5- Wind the string

After restringing properly in this step you should find an arrow mark that shows which way you should wind. Don’t tired just relax and wind it from side to side. You can begin overlapping if you want to form a second layer. Forming a second layer i.e. overlapping will protect the string from tangling.

Step 6- Clip the string and replace the spool

Once you have defeat above mentioned steps then you have to find the notch that located at the edge of the spool. Clip the string into the notch and replace the spool into the hub. To perfect replacing you should pull the ends through the machine’s eyelets and this is the final step. After completing this final step now you can use the weed wacker to clear weeds and grass.

Turn on your machine and let’s go for trimming.

We believe you must string your weed wacker if you can do these steps mentioned above instead of wasting valuable time and struggling with the machine. Follow the instructions properly and overcome the challenge of string a weed wacker.

Frequently asked questions

Which string is best for wood fences?

You can’t find such kind of strings that don’t damage a wood fence. So, the solution is in your hands. You should cut straight down your fence about 1 or 2 inches away to avoid the possible damage.

What should I do when the string will not pull?

In this case, you should try to pull the string in a different way that means at different angles. You should wiggle it around. If this method doesn’t work you clean the interior unit of the string with a can of compressed air. It will work efficiently to pull the string.