How to Thread a Weed Eater

How to Thread a Weed Eater

How to Thread a Weed Eater: If you are up for gardening or want to decorate your lawn a Weed Eater can be the most useful tool for helping you. to be precise, these machines are worthy of keeping a well-trimmed lawn, it has easy movability, and it can easily reach those areas where your mower cannot and its nylon cutting string that automatically advances as you work. That is why most people who want to maintain the beauty of their plot go with a weed eater. But, as we all know, even the maintenance tool requires maintenance.

String weed eaters are threaded with nylon strings, and after being used harshly, or regularly, these nylon strings run out of their workability. Consequently, you must rethread it manually with a new spool or bulk line in keeping your Weed Eater operative. Sometimes, you have to thread the spool with the string because you want to have the same performance as a new machine. One of the most critical maintenance you have to know about the weed eater is how to thread a weed eater.

How to Thread a Weed Eater

In this article, we will show you some simple ways to ease your way of doing the treading task for your weed eater. Remember, it is essential to know about threading your weed eater because you can wear out the string while you’re in the middle of an operation. Therefore, if you know the process, you can fix it up with a few moments and complete your task. Okay! Enough of talking let us get into the business.

How to thread a weed eater: (User guideline)

In terms of threading the weed eater, it is essential to know about the machine first. Different companies manufacture various models. Their operating system might be different, and the spool’s opening and threading process, that is why it is necessary to follow the user guide that comes with the weed eater. It lets you know about your machine, and while doing this task, it will be easy for you to do it. There are two ways to thread your weed eater, firstly you can buy a pre-threaded spool with string and place it into the housing, or you can do it manually. In both terms, you must read the user manual first and then follow the given steps. I hope you will make it easier.

Step one: (Cut the power of your weed eater before you start)

If you have an electric weed eater, you have to disconnect your electric Weed Eater from the power source. One the other hand, if you have gas-powered trimmers, then tighten up the gas cap firmly of your Weed Eater. Now the machine is out of power, or it will not run all of a sudden at least. Reverse the trimmer so that the spool housing comes up toward you.

Step two: (Bringing the spool out of the housing)

The second step is to open up the spool housing and bring out the spool. For doing it, either you have press the tabs of the housing to unlock the cap and bring out the spool, or by unscrewing the head cap counterclockwise based on your model. Now wipe all debris out of the spool head using a rag if you stay with the same spool.

Step three: (Threading the string into the spool)

If you are interested in using a new preloaded spool for your Weed Eater, you have to follow your trimmer model and go for the hardware store and bring in the preloaded spool that matches with your eater. On the other side if you are interested in a thread the old spool with string then bring the recommended string for your eater, which you will find out at the store where you bought the weed eater, or in any hardware store. Just be sure about the trimmer model when you have the string place in 30 to 40 feet of string physically—placing in the end one-half inch through the hole in the centre of the spool—and then winding it firmly in the direction indicated by the arrow on the spool head until the spool is full.

Step four: (Finish threading the string and prepare the spool to get back into the housing)

After you are done threading, cut the string leaving 5-6 inches outside. Now replace the spool into the spool housing on your weed eater head by snapping the string’s remaining thread through the hole inside the spool head. Genteelly place the spool, don’t give an extra bit of pressure while doing it.

Step five: (Prepare the weed eater for cutting)

After you are done placing the spool into the housing, Secure the Weed Eater head cap back into position, making sure to tighten it. When the tabs are lock or the head cap is tighten enough clockwise you are trimmer is ready to cut again. Just plug-in power or start the ignition, and hopefully, it will work as it used to do before.

These were the simple five steps for threading you weed eater by yourself. Depending on various models, the process can be a little bit different, but this procedure will bring your good results in most cases. As you have to deal with nylon string, wearing hand gloves to protect your hand is necessary. Never forget to make sure that your weed eater is out of power when you are doing this task.

Thanks for reading with patience.