How to Use a String Trimmer

How to Use a String TrimmerHow to use a string trimmer: A string trimmer is one of the most important essential tools for trimming and edging. This is known by a different name in a different country such as weed eater (brand name), weed trimmer, lawn trimmer. Nowadays this is available in various forms like gas, electric corded and rechargeable battery cordless. This was first introduced in the early 1970s by George Ballas of Houston, Texas, and was able to cut grass and weeds with his invention. It works as a line spun at high speed becomes pulled and taut due to centripetal acceleration. It looks like a spinning wheel. One the other hand, it is available into two version straight-shaft and curved-shaft trimmer. Between them, straight-shaft is performed well cause its control is very easy and much more constructive under shrubs and small trees so many users prefer straight-shaft.

How to Use a String Trimmer

It makes the lawn or ground very charming. Proper trimming makes the lawn a manicured looking. So, to become an expert about this one have to follow some of the procedure on how to operate a trimmer. First of all, you have to choose a string trimmer that is very comfortable to use. Choose a high-quality trimmer that has sharp edges like an eco black diamond that will ease your target task. A big or heavy machine can cause suffering that also lead to losing focus of your target mission. For this, you don’t so hurry just concentrate on some of the easy methods. If you do care, here are some tips that I am to explain to you through some easy questions.

How to inspect the ground

For the first thing, you have to inspect your ground before trimming the grass or shrubs and trees. You have to collect the glass, metals, pebbles, and stables, etc. before trimming or edging and remove. Sometimes it may cause some serious injury of you and badly damage to your trimmer.

How to the mixture of fuel

Two-stroke and four-stroke engines are available for a gas trimmer. Most of the users prefer a two-stroke engine. Filling the tank with a mixture of lubricating oil and gas. In the two-stroke engine, the ratio of lubricating oil and gas is 1:50. Some are recommended a 1:25. You may try a ratio of 1:30 or 1:40 according to your efficiency.

For this, first of all, you have to buy a small bottle of two-stroke oil and make it 5 liters with gas. You can also buy a large bottle then measured it into a graduated measuring cup. The remaining amount of oil has to keep covering by a paper towel or wrapping paper to protect it from all sorts of dust, insect, might, and other insects for the second time use.

It is strictly prohibited to use the four-stroke motor oil as it can infect the cylinder over time and tar up the piston. Two-stroke oil is burned clearly, cleanly as possible as fuel.

How to ensure protection

Protection of eyes is the most important thing because a small piece of snapped line or debris can cause serious eye injury. So, it is eagerly needed to wear PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). Shorts or sandals should be avoided. Heavy trouser, safety shoes, hearing protection, and anti-vibration gloves will give you some protection from a serious injury caused by glass, metal, nasty stuff, and heavy sound. This is the most time-consuming part of the job.

How to start

For starting a two-stroke engine there is some common procedure.

  1. Firstly, you have to half fill the tank of your machine.
  2. Secondly, turn on your ignition switch and choke.
  3. Thirdly, push the prime button to prime and then by pulling the starter cord the machine will start or run.
  4. Lastly, continue it running for 10 seconds and turn off then go towards the target work that you have to do.

How to hold the trimmer

The trimmers should hold on tightly with both hands on the right side of the body. The left-hand should keep straight and right-hand slightly curved. You have to stand straight and hold the trimmers as if the cutting head of your trimmer will reach the grass. Another thing is, you have to ensure the machine has a comfortable rubber covered handle to minimize the effect of machine vibration on your hand.

How to move and cut

Don’t be so hurry, move slow and steady from right to left direction as we know slow and steady wins the race. It also helps to avoid debris clippings away from you. Longer grass should be cut from top to bottom as it is an easily affordable method for the user. Don’t force it, if it hit other than grass check the trimmer for damage.

Experts say that there are four types of cutting in lawn such as tapering, edging, scything, and creeding.

If you prefer an electric trimmer you have to cut by the bare tip of your trimmer as it moves at a high speed. Care should be taken while cutting off the shrubs and small trees as we know strip bark may kill the plant.

How to rotate

The trimmer should hold on in a normal position also rotate it until the guard is up and the string should clearly be seen. The angle of the trimmer head will change if you rotate it and it will be noticed that the trimmer head is almost 90 degrees with the surface. If you may see the trimmer in an awkward position then you may feel comfortable.

Avoid people, car, and glasses

While working you have to bear in mind that people must be avoided from the working place as they may become injury by hitting debris than yourself because the debris may reach into eye level. So, while working in an elevated ground by using a trimmer or lawnmower, stop your work until they move away from the place. Also, children, cars, and glasses should be kept at a far distance from the working place.