How To Use A Weed Eater

How To Use A Weed Eater

How To Use A Weed Eater: A weed eater, also known as a weed whacker or weed trimmer is an essential equipment of lawn maintenance that uses spinning wire to cut unnecessary grass or bush. it is used more frequently in the summer and spring season. A weed eater may sound a bit noisy but if you learn how to use it with the correct method then it will be very easy to use and handle. In this article, we will know briefly about how to use a weed eater.

How To Use A Weed Eater

Wear safety glasses, gloves, and thick shoes to protect yourself:

A weed eater is a piece of heavy equipment that can sometimes result in serious injury if the wire somehow reaches in touch with you. Wear thick and close-toed shoes to protect your feet from harm. You should wear glasses and gloves while working. That will keep safe your eyes and hands from flying junk that the machine can kick up.

  • Hand glove is used to keep your palms and fingers from being irritated and pain by gripping the load of the weed eater.
  • Normally you will be able to buy this type of shielding equipment at any shop that sells weed eater.
  • If you want even more safety then you can wear sturdy trousers or work pants to keep safe the downside of your legs.
  • Weed eating process may take even more time than you normally predict. For this you should wear a sun hat if you are working in the heat will sun. It will protect your head from the sun and help to stay hydrated.

Abstain from using the weed eater over rocks or hard objects

Hard objects or rocks can tear down your nylon cutting wire quickly. If you don’t know, weed eater uses nylon or nylon type fabric to cut weed. In this case, you should remove the small to medium size of an object from the working area before starting trimming.

  • If there is an object or rock that is too heavy to move then you should work carefully. In this case, you can move your weed eater surrounding that object slowly and carefully to avoid damage to your nylon string.
  • In some cases, smaller rocks or objects can be kicked up also or thrown by the weed eater, so this is essential for your own protection to avoid them as well.

Don’t cut the power cable while using an electric weed eater

Cutting your cable connection may result in a short circuit and harm your equipment (and perhaps yourself too). Try to keep the power wire behind you all the time while using the weed eater to avoid the probabilities of accidental cutting.

  • This is not applicable when you are using a gas-fuelled weed eater.
  • You should check whether the cable is long enough to cover your working area before starting weed eating. If it doesn’t then connect your weed eater with an extension line.

Check if your weed eater has a “kill switch”

Almost all weed eaters have a throttle or trigger that you continuously hold while using the equipment. If you release this switch, the weed eater automatically turns off. Inspect the manufacturer directory for your specific tool to find the killer switch or to ensure that your tool doesn’t have one.

  • If your weed eater doesn’t have that kind of throttle then be sure you know how to switch off the tool safely before beginning to use.

Avoid dangerous fumes 

Gas fuelled weed eater produce hazardous fumes. The fume released from a gas-fuelled device can be destructive if breathed, particularly when they are concentrated. Try to use a gas-fuelled weed eater in an open space with abundant ventilation to prevent breathing in too much of these hazardous fumes.

  • You do not need to worry about fumes if you use an electric weed eater.

Cool down your engine

Let your engine to cool down first if you want to store it. Lay your device on a hard surface for 10-15 minutes before putting it on the store. And never store a hot engine in the storeroom or near flammable materials.

  • To get the best outcomes, let the weed eater cool off under shade rather than in the direct sun.
  • Store the weed eater by keeping it on a rack, hanging vertically on the wall, or just laying it flat on the floor. Try to store the weed eater away from moisture, fires, or sparks.
  • It is better to drain the engine of gas-fuelled weed eater if you want to store it for lengthier than 1 month.

Pull out 6 inches or 15 cm of wire and start the weed eater

Almost every situation, this is the optimal size of the string to use to produce maximum cutting strength. Crank the starter cable to start a gas-fuelled weed eater or just press the “On” switch to start an electric weed eater.

Hold your device properly

Hold the weed eater with one of your hand on the trigger and put the other hand on the shaft. These are both the most habitable and safest ways to hold your weed eater while using it.

  • Keep an eye for strains in your wrists or back when you are working with the weed eater. If you see any strain then quit and take rest for a while before beginning again.
  • If your weed whacker has shoulder strap then put the straps to relieve some of the weight.

Move the weed eater properly

  • Move the weed eater side-to-side about 1 foot at a time.
  • Normally move the weed eater side to side without whirling it. This will increase the cutting response and bring more safety.
  • If you notice that the weeds aren’t being cut instantly while you walk over them then switch off the weed eater and pull out more string and try again. Sometimes weed eaters get a button to press to control the roll of string.

Try to cut with the tip of the nylon string

This is the place where the force produced by the weed eater will be strongest and therefore this is the most powerful and effective at cutting weed.

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