How to Use Preen Weed Killer

How to Use Preen Weed KillerHow to use preen weed killer: A very common and well-known speech we know that “prevention us better than cure”. We have talked enough about weed killer that is prepared to kill weeds directly in your garden just after a day of application time or after a few days or weeks.

Preen weed killer actually works in a smarter way than the weed killer does in a lawn to control weeds. Frankly, it kills the weeds before their growth at the stage of their germination time. Generally, the homeowners contain some basic ideas to eradicate their weeds by applying various types of industrial weed killer. It helps in a way that could be harmful to nature including some other vegetable plants, flowering plants, grass or animal, and humans too.

How to Use Preen Weed Killer

Basically, a preen weed preventer works in a different way. When it is used in a garden or on a lawn it restricts the growth of weeds. It works as a prevention of germination of weeds seed in a garden. It means this type of product is not allowed to kill directly the weeds of your beautiful garden.

It prohibits the germination of seeds which inhibits the growth of new plants and later controls the weeds population in a lawn. If we try to use this product in a proper way that could be more helpful than weed killers to control weeds grown in a garden or on a lawn.

Normally a preen weed preventer stays in the soil approximately 8 – 12 weeks per application and prevents the weeds from germinating their seeds Up to 12 weeks per application.  Reapplication of a preen weed killer in a garden may be necessary sooner during periods of heavy rain or excessive heat and humidity. It depends on the demand for your garden types according to your plants.

How to use a preen weed killer

You have looked around that a weed killer basically contains some basic condition to be applied in a lawn or garden to kill weeds. Same to that a preen weed killer also needs to maintain some needy condition to achieve good results of controlling weeds in a garden, terrace, or lawn. You need to remind first that a preen weed killer has no effects on existing weeds in the garden. So this type of treatment can be considered as a pre-emergent treatment to control weeds and you have to apply it just before they could grow in your garden or lawn.

Basically, the fruitful results of a preen weed preventer are related to the perfect time where you must spray the products onto the soil according to the growing season of weeds. It means when weeds are going to have the time to deliver their next-generation by germinating their seeds in your lawn, you are going to disrupt them by your weed preventer.

A weed preventer actively disrupts the life cycle of a weed by prevention of germination which results in the disturbance to grow weeds seeds up to 12 weeks per application. Reapplication may be necessary sooner according to your treatment and requirements.

You have to apply a preen weed preventer when your plant’s foliage is dry in your garden. It will help you to protect your desirable plants from being treated with your weeds. Because the application of preen weed killer could be easily damaged to the desirable plants as well as the weeds.

Just sprinkle the products approximately 1 ounce per 10 square feet or about 20 visible specks of preen per square inch on the soil surface of your lawn at the rate given below for your specific planting situation.

After application, you only need to apply enough water to thoroughly wet the surface of the soil in your garden or in your treatment area. The granules will not dissolve but they will work as much it should do.

Not only you need to water immediately the treated soil in your garden afterward but also rake it gently if the water is not available right then. When the preen weed preventer is activated by water it creates a weed control barrier in the top layer of soil about 1 to 2 inches which prevents the seeds of weeds from germinating.

Be Careful

You need to read out first the level given to its packet or on the body. It recommends the proper application time according to your plan. Do not sprinkle the preen weed killer over your desirable seed products including flowering and vegetable plants. It may prohibit their germination and let them stop to grow. You can use it when your flowering or vegetable plants have germinated their seeds already and are 2-3 inches tall.

Preen Garden Weed killer contains a carrier agent such as corn cob and bio dad in addition to the active ingredient. A preen weed killer also contains an active ingredient called tribulation which is extremely toxic to the aquatic creatures. So you need to be more careful that the products you have applied in your garden or lawn to control weeds that are not going to be mixed with water, lake or pond beside your treatment area. It is very much toxic to the fish, prawn, oyster, shrimp as well as to amphibians.


You must have the safety first before you are going to treat your garden or lawn. The products contain some elements that may irritate your skin, as well as the products, which can be very much harmful to your eyes. so always wear PPE (personal protective equipment), eye cover, and hand gloves before handing it to the treatment area.

It will be your side if you avoid windy days to apply it to your lawn. After your application of preen weed control products, you should wash your hands carefully. Another thing you need to follow that the products should be kept away from children and be sure that the product is kept in a cool place.